IDEA stands for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality in Africa. We are a movement made of and for anyone that identifies themselves as an African woman. IDEA is a community of women and the LGBT community fighting to make the world a better place by advocating for gender diversity, inclusion, and equality. In this platform, we can speak for ourselves and each other as opposed to being spoken for. We are providing a safe online platform for women and the LGBT community in Africa, to connect, learn and grow while fighting for our rights.

We talk about the hushed-up realities, share experiences, and definitely highlight and fight against anything that oppresses our rights and silences our ideologies. Everything at IDEA aims at helping African women and the LGBT community brave through that norm or culture that has oppressed us over time. It is high time it ended AND that can only be possible with a platform like IDEA which gives us safe space to talk about it. We are aiming to change the oppressive narratives

Why did we start IDEA?
1. women and the LGBT community’s place in society is influenced by narratives that oppress us. We are changing that narrative by letting women and the LGBT community’s voice out and dialogue on various community perspectives that shape the norms. We are fighting against content that attacks us. We started IDEA to say NO, you definitely can’t write that! We also are having discussions that no one else will. We talk about sex, our bodies, embracing changes and fight against norms that have shaped the Patriarchal society we live in that support misogynistic practices.

2. Violence against women and the LGBT community has become prevalent. Tons of women and the LGBT community have experienced and are victims of Violence. We have seen videos of women and the LGBT community being assaulted circulating, most of them, showing women being beaten by their male partners, while others, unfortunately, fuel internalized misogyny, digging deep into our skin to insinuate that we support assaulting one another as a community.

3. Because internalized misogyny and extreme prejudice is increasingly trending. Both online (as discussions) to having some influential women (doctors, women leaders, lawmakers) advocate for practices such as polygamy and FGM.

4. Most publications that started off as women- based magazines have diversified and no longer focus on fighting for women’s rights BUT rather content that sells to the community. We are setting pace for exclusive women and the LGBT community creative house.