Sparta or not

A number of men today are quite unsettled by the modern empowered woman. She is forthright, a go-getter, challenging and beautiful.

They have absolutely no idea how to handle this force of nature. Women have had to work very hard to be where they are today. Yet for every success story are 100 or more not so successful stories. The situation is much worse in Africa where young girls are forced into oppressive cultures like female genital mutilation, early childhood marriages to men 4 times their age, and many other not so friendly situations.

The modern African woman is going to school, striving to advance her career or her business, and in some cases both. The modern African woman is badass and she knows it as she smashes glass ceilings and forays into top leadership spots. A number of men, who have been complacent in terms of personal development are up in arms about such. Yet for those of us who have pursued tertiary education can tell you for free that while many girls studied twice as hard, quite a number of their male counterparts were missing classes and partying hard. They feel threatened by the success of women who have worked so hard, that when women try to get women’s issues addressed, they pipe up too. Cue the mansplaining… Not all men… Men also.. We are concentrating too much on the girl child and ignoring the boychild….

I usually roll my eyes so hard when I hear the first two and sigh in exasperation. I am sure quite a number of female readers would agree with me. The third one, I partly agree with it. Yes, we need to empower both sexes, however, there has to be context to it. Mansplainers up in arms take girlchild empowerment to be a war waged on the boychild and men by feminists and feminazis. Women are put down just because of their sexuality. That is when you hear people say, she slept her way to the top.

When this fails, the patriarchy works to put women against each other, a sad situation. Anytime someone wants to raise issues, quite a number already take defensive positions.

These elements are ready to go full-on SPARTA!


We are not on the warpath with regards to the boychild. Far from it, the way I see it, the empowerment of the girl child is widespread because many women have taken it up as a course of action. Many women are talking about it. We are pushing our agenda. We are doing it one girl at a time. Women are changing mindsets one person at a time, and are proud of it.

Who goes to schools to mentor young girls? Women professionals who have made it. Who is making a concerted effort to empower female youth? Women professionals and entrepreneurs!

Who are lobbying men and making them sensitive to women’s issues? Yet again women professionals and entrepreneurs!

How often do you see men going back to their high schools to mentor boys? How many fathers do you see of late taking an active role in mentoring their own teenage sons? Where are they? How many teenage boys can honestly say they have a strong wholesome male presence at home?

I agree that men are also lobbying us to be sensitive to the boychild, which we are. After all, women are mothers to both sons and daughters. We are mothers to children of either or both genders. As such, those of us with daughters are busy empowering them. We keep asking ourselves though, who will marry our empowered daughters? There has to be a balance for a society to grow and thrive.

Mansplainers whining about girl child empowerment and the subsequent abandoning of the boychild make it sound like women are meant to take a majority role in boychild empowerment. We mentor the girlchild because we were once little girls. We understand what being a little girl is all about hence why this is a perfect role for us.

Note how none of us are insisting that men should empower the girl child? We are doing the majority of empowerment ourselves. This is because this is close to our hearts. There is a reason why single women are not allowed to adopt boys. Boys need responsible fathers and father figures in their formative years. Where do you get quite a number of modern fathers today?

I won’t answer that, I am avoiding world war 3.

Yes, I support the boychild empowerment. However, I can only take a minority role in the empowerment of the boychild. Empowering the boychild is mostly a man’s job. Why? I am female.

I know absolutely nothing about being a man. That right there is the crux of the matter.

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