The foundations of rape culture in the queer community are strongly established upon heteronormative and hetero masculine beliefs that encourage homophobic acts.

Queer women tend to experience higher rape occurrences as compared to the heterosexual ones. Rape culture in the LGBT community depicts a society that disregards and grossly violates queer person’s rights by promoting non-consensual exploitative and ‘ corrective” sexual relations and seeing sexual assault as a normalized expectation.

It creates a stereotype misogynist environment that reinforces victim-blaming and defining heterosexuality as the ‘standard sexual orientation and that all other orientations that are inconsistent with it deviate from this norm.

It encourages a society where perpetrators may experience a sense of impunity due to the fostered climate of discrimination while future victims of rape may be less likely to report their attacks to authorities.

Tolerating the use of rape jokes and statements such as ” she needs good dick”, ” does she think she can be a man”, ” If you think you are a man…” ” why is this man dressing like a woman”, ” he needs good pussy” encourages the germination of rape culture.

Violations, flashing, molestation, catcalling and unwelcome groping are highly tolerated especially if they are directed towards the queer community.

This gives rise to victim-blaming where statements like, ‘what was she expecting when she dressed as a guy ‘, ‘ he asked for it when he dressed feminine’ are highly tolerated.

Religious groups who tend to ‘purge’ out ‘evil spirits’ from queer people and present them as unholy, sinful and unwanted contribute to the establishment of rape culture because it instills the notion that queer people need correcting or ‘saving’.

Disownment and forced marriages by families of queer people make them feel unsafe in the hands of those who are supposed to treat them right and love them regardless. Resultantly, they may find solace in predator’s hands who take advantage of their vulnerable state at the moment and this ends up making them victims of rape.

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