Mulberry apartments sex trafficking ring.

When Jeff Epstein was first caught, there was mass reaction across the US with people speaking out about rape culture and sex trafficking especially among the elite. He was not the first sex offender whose case became massively public and he will not be last either. From having sex with underage girls to trafficking women for sex, Epstein is the poster child of a global epidemic that has gone on for far too long.

When a Kenyan Pastor in Kenya’s Mwingi area was accused of having underage sex with young girls, it proved that even in Africa’s rural towns, the same problem persists. Thousands of young women in Kenya and across the globe are having their lives destroyed by greedy perverts who will stop at nothing to take advantage of them.

Many Sex Offenders get away with their crimes.

When the Mulberry apartments’ pedophilia ring was unearthed, many young women were rescued from the hands of people who made money from their abuse. Why did this continue for so long without a report to the police? Why are there many women this minute going through sexual abuse and not reporting it to the right authorities?

This is because the abuse is beyond physical. A lot of the people who run sex trafficking rings and many times sex offenders take advantage of these women psychologically before they ever touch their bodies.

It is a system of deceit, threats, and dominance that leaves the women feeling helpless, stuck and ashamed. Sex offenders look for vulnerable women and young girls are often an easy target. These women are often people seeking some kind of assistance or are too naïve to realize too soon what is going on.

Once the women find themselves in the hands of a sexual oppressor, there the shame that this could be their fault. The words of their oppressors are often ingrained in their souls and they live in fear of further oppression in case they slip and tell a soul.

Many sex offenders especially pedophiles are very aware of the fragile state of the minds of their victims. They either use brutal force and threats or sly methods and words that continue the situation for a long time. This is exactly why many sex offenders get away with their crimes for a long time.

Epstein represents a much deeper problem across the Globe.

Jeff Epstein’s victims were young girls some as young as 14 years old. The fact that he was a wealthy man who ran in high-end circles and interacted with the who’s who of the American elite made it easy for him to get away with his offenses for a long time.

The American reaction was to speak out and create further awareness until this man was put away. He died in his jail cell with many people considering his death a homicide as opposed to suicide like it was made to seem.

The Sex trafficking rings in Kenya, unfortunately, have not gotten the media attention that it deserves but the problem is not any less serious here. Many high-profile individuals continue to take advantage of women and get away with it. There is no room for sex offenders in a healthy community and everyone should truly be more vigilant.

Shame is a normal reaction for many people in oppressive situations but there is always hope. If you think something is going on, or someone is taking advantage of you, always remember that a problem cannot be solved until identified. Accept that you need help and seek it.

Fear will only cripple you, and your situation will remain the same. There is hope and help is available. Be brave enough to do something if you can.

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