To come out as a gay person in greater Africa is a difficult and dangerous ordeal. To be identified as a gay individual in a homophobic confined environment such as an African refugee camp is a lot more difficult. A lot of Africans live as refugees in foreign nations. With civil and political unrest still […]

When Jeff Epstein was first caught, there was mass reaction across the US with people speaking out about rape culture and sex trafficking especially among the elite. He was not the first sex offender whose case became massively public and he will not be last either. From having sex with underage girls to trafficking women […]

Acts of violence against members of the LGBT community are commonplace in East Africa. There have been several reported cases of LGBT individuals being publicly attacked and sometimes even gang-raped. Such events are neither new nor are they unexpected by the members of the East African LGBT community. These cases are often than not reported […]

Queer feminism presents a paradigm shift in a radical movement that opposes hetero masculinity heteronormative beliefs and embraces intersectionality. Heteromasculinity is a form of masculinity where women and sexual minorities are suppressed. Sexual minorities in this context include lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, queers [LGBTQ+]. On the other hand, heteronormativity is the assumption that heterosexuality is the “standard” sexual […]

The foundations of rape culture in the queer community are strongly established upon heteronormative and hetero masculine beliefs that encourage homophobic acts. Queer women tend to experience higher rape occurrences as compared to the heterosexual ones. Rape culture in the LGBT community depicts a society that disregards and grossly violates queer person’s rights by promoting […]

Female genital mutilation(FGM). 🔹FGM is when the genitals of a girl are deliberately cut. 🔹This usually takes place before the girl hits puberty, and is a very painful and dangerous procedure. 🔹It happens in many countries across the world and is often passed down as a custom in the community Types of FGM Clitoridectomy This […]

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