Rape culture has become a societal norm and it should be curbed. As long as there’s cultural concept that a woman can elude rape and sexual abuse by being cautious with her attire, we are establishing a society where the victim can be allocated blame in case the normalized cautionary steps aren’t taken by them. As long as we claim that if a woman is heedful with the way she handles strange men she steers clear of being raped, we are blaming the victim. Telling a woman that if she is on alert on the locations she visits, and controls the portion of alcohol she consumes, she will not get raped, we are allocating a victim blame.

Rape culture incorporates slut-shaming of rape victims, victim blaming, rebuttal of widespread rape incidents, sexual objectification, toning down rape, shoving aside the psychological and physical effects on a victim, or negating to admit the hurt created by all varieties of sexual violence. Rapists cause rape. No other reason whatsoever. Women that are raped are often first queried about what they wore or if they were drinking. This alone puts culpability on the victim as if their clothing or alcohol intake vindicates their rapists’ behaviour.

Drunk women are often called sluts who regret having drunk sex if they accuse someone of rape. Even when men are raped, they are either made fun of or are usually not believed if they share. Truth is, it is a man’s restraint not to rape. It’s NOT a woman’s obligation not to drink herself unconscious in unsafe locations. Men have sanely drunk themselves to piss without the worry of being raped. Before you assert, the remark is wide off the mark; If you claim that a woman shouldn’t drink herself silly, you’re stating that she’s blamable for her rape, or asked to be raped. The lead causes of rapes aren’t due to intoxication.

They’re not caused by recklessness. They’re caused by rapists. People should be able to go to a party without worrying about being raped. I don’t care if drinking too much demographically intensifies your ‘chances’ of being sexually assaulted. We need to advocate against rape and rapists and leave alcohol out of the blame game. Rape culture is sadly instigated by factors such as tolerance for rape jokes or using religion and culture to excuse rape. It is regrettable that some people assume rape jokes are decent. I think it’s eccentric that you would think it’s all right to make rape jokes. What’s even insane is the fact that someone can crack a rape joke in the company of a woman. Worse? People making rape jokes become upset that women respond to the realism of rape by speaking about it and building up provisions in the course of reflecting about it. You would be astonished to learn that the core reason rape jokes can be very offensive is that rape in itself isn’t funny. Culture and theology animate rape culture.

Ranging from Christianity’s extreme corrective therapy for the LGBT community to the Islam religion being alleged through the Sharia law to be a colossal perp of this. Extremists have used religion to rape lesbians. In the Sharia law- The law obliges 4 male witnesses to attest that it was rape and not adultery categorically emboldens rape culture. Exclusively when the penance for adultery is lashes, jail term or death depending on the jurisdiction. A woman raped under sharia law has 2 picks: remain unvoiced and alive, on no occasion getting the law to restore her integrity or come forward short of farcical aggregates of what tallies as evidence and be put to death or be lashed.

Rape culture has become a societal norm and it should be curbed. We have had cases of the law enforcement officers telling young women they shouldn’t dress like sluts if they don’t want to get raped. So, they mean sluts can get raped it’s okay? And what’s a slut to begin with? This statement puts obligation on the woman to safeguard and expurgate herself to not get raped. I don’t think it’s fitting to instill fear in women. The alternative is teaching boys to respect women and expunge the developmental prejudice that women are sexual targets