Feminism hasn’t devalued stay at home moms or housewives. They have featured the general patriarchal societies’ devaluation of the role of women over the years. Staying at home was viewed as the digressive work and women were assigned to it. The imperative occupation of bringing up kids and doing tasks was assigned to women because it was less important. the vast majority of the women whose actions and mistakes taught us feminism were housewives; our mothers and grandmothers.

Housewives and stay at home mothers, for the longest time were looked down upon. When women began pushing for equality and Inclusion, with a focus on the socio-economic and political pillar, housewives even though we’re part of the fight made them seem excluded. In African society, women are proverbial to holding a community together. Africa has been at many times discreetly described as a matriarchal community especially in low income earning areas and rural households. Feminism did not look down upon stay at home mothers and housewives, it showed their significant contribution to the socio-economic and socio-political growth by highlighting the progressive growth women have gone through over the years.

What feminism highlighted was the need to break the reliance boundary that prompted numerous women having nothing on their own, No property or the position to freely express their opinion without feeling ungrateful for being ‘provided for’. It also highlighted the abusive socially constructed traits that came with being a housewife. Women were relied upon to offer sex on request, be devoted and have a programmed reverence.

Before feminism, being a stay at home mother or a housewife was a useless, easy thing to be. No one ever made housework or raising babies seem what it was. A damn difficult job. It was something so easy, it was left to a woman. Then women started doing things they were made to believe impossible and still took care of children and those that stayed at home, not by feminists but by misogynists made them feel less relevant. Feminism is about supporting choices by a woman and embracing the different paths women take. African women have been made to create boundaries on which kind of mother is superior and it has gotten to us. We walk around feeling like either a stay at home mom is better or a working mom is better but truth is – the choices we make matter. If they do not oppress you, as a feminist am damn okay.