Feminists in Kenya, started by young intersectional Kenyan feminists is a group of about 40, 19 – 20s-year-old women fighting oppressive patriarchial norms, organizing marches and taking the Kenyan world by the storm.
The group of young women is trying to raise about $260 to create a website which is much needed for their activism work so that they can use the page to foster partnerships, create a platform for women to reach them, set up online and offline events and make them accessible to everyone who needs them, and be a place to enforce change. They have a Facebook page and; a twitter page. They have managed to raise about $155 and they would appreciate your help raising the rest.

IDEA will collect the $100 needed by FIK to top up whatever has been raised for this project and any extra money collected will be put in the kitty fund to aid another starting organization that needs similar help i.e website development. 

PS# Any organization that benefits from this specific campaign (IF WE RAISE MORE THAN $100) will send you their milestones in regards to the resources you helped them ACQUIRE and we hope that can foster global feminists and allies relationships amongst organizations and individuals.

Kindly note that all donations incur a charging fee hence if you can help us cover it – that would be amazing! Every amount donated if exceeds goal, will be used to fund initiatives by growing feminist organizations in Africa with a similar need/niche focus.