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Hi Maverick!

We are charging subscription for 2020 as a kick-starter to fund the hub’s operations in getting adequate content and we would love you to be a part of it. We have raised $1870 of the needed $3220 to bring the hub into an unstoppable, unimaginable growth that enforces change AND WE ARE LAUNCHING THE subscriptions program in March 2020. . 


We would only love to see you onboard as our 2020 member, and we would love to see you send your support! As an ally to African activism, the African creative space and African media, we are thrilled with the notion that collaborative action is as progressive as it sounds and we are excited to have you on board!


The subscription for this kickstarter will contain access to; 

  1. The magazine. (Inclusive of free issues from ONE region of preference). The other issues from the 4 remaining regions as a package will cost you $15 total.

  2. The podcast.

  3. The webisodes (interviews)

  4. Resource center (including our fundraising platform where one can request for support/give support)

  5. Our career portal (where one can get jobs posted by activism, humanitarian/gender-based organization), and the possible grants as well

  6. Our events portal (list of all events daily that lean towards gender, activism, and the humanitarian world)

This access will be in all the 5 regions;

  • East Africa

  • Southern Africa

  • Northern Africa

  • West Africa

  • Central Africa

We will also have additional subscriptions for quarterly 210 page issues from each region (5 issues). This will cost $5 for African readers and $15 for Global readers and our 1st issues will be a gift for anyone that subscribes during our kickstarter!




IDEA stands for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality in Africa. IDEA was started as a blog in 2015 and has transformed into an online magazine under the web address https://afroidea.com. IDEA is made up of a community of women and LGBT community fighting to make the world a better place by advocating for gender diversity, inclusion, and equality. On this platform, we can speak for ourselves and each other as opposed to being spoken for. We aim to provide a safe online platform for women and the LGBT community in Africa, to connect, learn and grow while fighting for our rights.  

IDEA intends to have the following publications within the next one year:

  • An online magazine. This is already up and running.   
  • A podcast. The making of the podcast is in the pipeline, we already have a studio with all pieces of equipment bought and ready. 
  • A web series, also currently in the making. It will entail interviews, talks, random documentaries e.t.c.
  • A CONTINENTAL resource centre, also in the making. This will have legal resource list per country, professional services such as therapists resource list, jobs that we have confirmed that prefer our target audience, events and reports/ educational material. 


Founded in 2013, IDEA was started as a blog called nerdyclues.com –  a campus-based online publication that covered female student campus life, hacks as a woman in a university in Kenya, was a place to rant, educate and get to know each other. At the end of 2015 with about 1000+ regular readership, we changed the blog to creatives Piazza. We formed a chat room space for female creatives to interact, send each other friend requests, etc, a marketplace with multiple vendors and we were still writing articles. 


In recognition of IDEA’s success, we were nominated for the Pivot East Africa Award. As semi- finalists and we were part of the team of panelists alongside student leaders and campus lady magazine to give motivational talks to women in universities. In 2017, we changed the name of the creatives hub to Lalonas. We started growing and getting writers outside Kenya (East Africa) submit their work.


At the end of 2017, we got our 1st submission from Southern Africa. That is when we finally changed our name to suit what we had always dreamt of doing, being a safe space for African women. We named the magazine IDEA which means, Inclusion, Diversity and Equality in Africa. We started talking in content from all over Africa. 


We registered IDEA as a business name because we wanted to take the social enterprise approach for sustainability as fundraising has proven a tussle for us. Getting a business name meant it would be easier for us to run our operations without the bureaucracy that comes with organizations that are seen to ‘go against the oppressive norms in Africa’ because all we needed to do was pay taxes. So far we have operated without any issues at all.


In 2018, we laid down a plan to expand IDEA by instituting regional heads for our charters (regions). This expansion follows the mid term goals of IDEA to procure audio/visual equipment and software for a podcast show and docuseries on various issues that women face throughout Africa. Toward this end, IDEA successfully launched this hub on 8th of June and we finally got a studio equipment.



IDEA is creating charters (we already have 4 regional heads) and letting the charter heads lead the content, events, and marches. We will have 5 redirects, hence we need 4 sites representing each region’s needs and ideologies on activism and feminism. We initially used afroidea.com as the main IDEA site but it will be given to the Southern Africa region, and the site of the overall operations will be afroidea.org. As detailed in the AfroIdea growth plan, in 2020 3 additional domains for East, Northern, and West Africa are planned for establishment with an additional Central Africa domain planned in late 2019 . 4 regional heads at the across 5 African regions(East, North, West, South, Central) with each regional head responsible for regionally appropriate content creation and publication in line with the afroIDEA mandate and mission, featuring  implementing content and writers exclusively focussing on regional specific content. 


We realize that it is impossible to have a pan-African magazine without looking at the diverse issues each region faces and it is impossible to have a feminist magazine without being specifically inclusive in the issues the Queer Womxn face, each different in each region. Hence we will have 3 regional representatives as heads in each region. One head will focus on general feminism content & events; the other will focus on the queer communities’ needs for the region and we will introduce an allyship program (not a main focus project though) where we will encourage a heteronormative  cis-gendered male ally to head.


It has been an insanely difficult 5 years of getting regular content out, as volunteer-based work works on the schedule of the volunteer and not on the needs of activism in feminism. Hence we hope to have each region run about 8 feminism articles and 8 articles for the queer community by introducing an incentive-based program. 


We have the following sites;

  1. Afroidea.org (this is the main operations site)

  2. Afroidea.com (this is used for the regions -for now as pages, and resources)




  1. Creates employment to feminists, queer women

  2. Consistent, useful content to start revolutions

  3. Relevant content as per region and situation

  4. Better management

  5. Flow of resources (profit) to create more programs 

  6. Allyship programs often yield more progressive outcomes.

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