Because I just learned that women being killed makes some men blissful and they will jubilantly label murderers heroes for the whole world to perceive because insubordinate women deserve death.

Because educated women are fought intensely and labeled promiscuous  women using their bodies to advance their skills and careers simply to discredit their successes

Because women have been cultured years and years to put African men afore their children, they would cover abuse to stay married.

Because a woman who stays with a broke man and assists a man to grow is a benevolent woman and the society needs more of such women, and if he leaves – she definitely was feeling entitled and became nagging but a man who stays with a broke woman and optically discerns her goals and visions through it, is entitled to her love and murder is enough equity when she dares leave.

Because a man cheating makes him more valued by society but a woman cheating deserves shame, death or both.

Because men can ask a woman to have an abortion and even dare walk out on their children for life but only an irresponsible, only a shameless promiscuous whore can dare want an abortion or walk away from parenting. And when they die in the process, the better!

Because an uncircumcised woman is not worth veneration, despite the fact that circumcision puts the lives of women in jeopardy, as long as men get their way; women can die, there is more to replace.

Because how dare African women relish sex? Because a woman ravished should be ashamed of herself.

Because we are here to be replaced and replace others. A dead, rude, uncooperative woman is just a statistics and creates room for a fresher catch.

Because if I had to count the number of bullets we have refrained for the same reason they are utilized against us – I would be inundated with numbers


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