Inclusion, Diversity and Equality in Africa

Maybe Menslib and Feminism will merge into one movement campaigning for gender equality.

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If you find the word feminism alienating and need to find labels to ease the stigmatization accompanied by the movement, you aren’t one. And this is ok and completely applicable. Women have embraced the oppressive nature of toxic masculinity and in turn, humiliated any attempts to pass a point across without appealing men. Yet, most African men have simply had to suppress their femininity because the mass appeal is no longer an objective but a basic social construct.

Feminism might be more attractive if it becomes much less polarized inside the one-of-a-kind numerous African subcultures.

A sexy appeal. Sexist dynamics, in the numerous African subcultures all around the continent, have dominated the economically matriarchal society by suppressing women using gender roles. Women, especially in low income, lower middle class and rural areas for the longest time, have had to put up with oppression dispute being caregivers for their society.

The job of feminism isn’t to get men on our side. If some guy can’t be a feminist because of that name when he isn’t a feminist anyway. It’s like the VERY least a feminist guy can do is call himself a feminist. So if that is keeping men away from the movement, they were never good faith allies in the first place.

Revolution in the past was stories to be written about. Documentaries. Heroes. Until women started demanding their rights. Women and femininity are devalued and are considered lesser than men and masculinity. The reason it’s not attractive to males is that of that because they don’t want to deal with the social consequences of bearing some of that load.

You don’t realize how deep the inequalities run, even if you hang around with a lot of guys and men, who had made sure to talk about women who are feminists (negatively). You realize and acknowledge that feminism isn’t about equality, writ large, at least on many feminists’ understanding. It’s about trying to achieve equality by focusing on women. A lot of people think that ignoring the problem will make it less of a problem but truth is, that just sustains the thing we’re fighting against.

The purpose of a revolution is to take away your right from your oppressor and give it back to you. If persuading people with privilege to give back what’s not rightfully theirs was easy, all the great revolutions throughout history would have never happened. It has happened with slavery, the Nazi’s, dictators, and it has been happening in households, institutions, and nations.

Men’s liberation movement doesn’t focus on everyone’s issues equally either. Pride focuses on issues of gender and sexual minorities, with gay people being most visible. Feminism focuses on equality and equity for all people, but it’s most visibly for women.

In the future, when more men join the fight against harmful gender roles and social issues, maybe Menslib and Feminism will merge into one movement campaigning for gender equality. Who knows.

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