Inclusion, Diversity and Equality in Africa


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Let me join the millions of Kenyans giving commentary on Pastor Nganga and declare that I was unimpressed by that video but not surprised. When he said “taka taka nyinyi” and “I’ll close these vioskis”, I won’t lie, it got interesting and I grabbed some popcorn and settled down to watch Kenyans get insulted in a church by a mortal man just like them, a man they’ve elevated because the Lord said… allegedly.

It was interesting for a little while but then I became a little sad for the congregation. Here’s a man who has no doubt gotten wealthy from the church and by the church threatening to close other vioskis, (I’m assuming, churches) a man who shamed the very poor people who made him rich, a man who insulted black women’s hair, a man who thinks he is above reproach, a man who threatened violence on people who do not respect him.

I felt sad because the only reason adults of sound mind would sit through that narcissistic outburst, without anyone walking out, without any other church leader going to interrupt that vitriol chanter was because of some heavy and deep seated brainwashing. I mean, what else could it be? The holy spirit? I highly doubt. The crippling need to witness drama?Perhaps that might be a close second, but I digress.

Religion in Kenya presently and I dare say, the world over, is not something to write home about. Actually, if I wrote home about the dilapidated state of religion I don’t think I’d have a home to go back to during holidays. And that just proves my point further. Religion is above reproach. Pastors can’t be touched. Priests are above the law, which is very interesting considering all the defilement of children that happens in the Catholic Church.

Men of God have become miniature gods on God’s steadily reducing green earth. If I had a dollar for all the times I’ve had to roll my myopic eyes at the mention of “The annointed of God should never be touched” my black backside would be able to afford to go to a Beyoncé concert. From what we’ve been taught about the Caucasian Jesus, I know that he liked to serve. I know that he didn’t consider himself more important than anyone else. If you’re going to subscribe to the white man’s religion, at least subscribe well. Roads will not always be swept for you. Long dresses will not always be adorned for you. People are not always going to believe that you conversed with White Jesus and important questions certainly will not be swept under the carpet to pander to your narcissism.

And so to the faithful sheep of Men of God, I only have a single message beloved : be open minded. I promise you’ll still make it to heaven if you call out problematic actions and omissions in the church.

I promise that white Jesus will still be waiting for you at the gates of your heavenly mansion, in his majestic blond hair and blue eyes if you report cases of rape in the church.

I PROMISE that you will see the city so holy and true if you support the election and appointment of women as elders of the church.

And guess who won’t make it to heaven – religious bigots who hate people for being who they are. Jesus is love, as I keep hearing, right?  Jesus liked equality, right? Be like Jesus.

And finally FINALLY as I complete this race and hopefully keep the writing faith, when we’re having conversations about anything, “The Bible says” or my “Pastor says” is not weighty enough. Try using statistics perhaps? Or existing laws? Or I don’t know, people’s actual experiences? Thank you for your consideration.

And remember, nobody owes allegiance to your version of morality.




  1. Thank you for this. White Jesus has long been lost in context by this his flock

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