A woman’s place in Algeria is in the Movement!

Algeria, the largest country in Africa that contains 48 provinces and I am writing to you from the 45th  province.

Algeria offers such a fantastic nature, has a rich culture, fascinating history and warm hospitality offered by its sweet welcoming people. But this isn’t what I am here to talk about.

This thrilling country is ruled by a corrupted system that took everything this nation has.

  • Taken Algerian wealth.
  • Taken EVERYTHING from us

But now; we are one nation, no matter of our color, our religion or our culture or race or gender.

Algeria is suffering from

  • Corruption
  • Suppression of freedoms and looting of fundamental human rights.

Since the nomination of the current president Abdel Aziz Bouteflika, who is physically and mentally unable to role for the fifth term, the Algerian people are manifesting in the most peaceful and civilized way, men, women, kids and elderly are out in streets, shouting “No to the fifth term”!!

Abdel Aziz Bouteflika has not spoken to Algerian people since 2014, he was in the Swiss hospital Genève, and then taken to an unknown hospital. People miss to be heard, people miss to actually “have a president “we are demanding for a radical change that includes all the system with no exception, we are demanding for withdrawing of the president.

As a university student, I am furious of the latest decision taken by the high ministry of education, which states that in all Algerian universities, official holidays are extended for a month instead of the usual fifteen days.

Can you tell why? If not, let me break it up to you, all universities decided to start civil disobedience, in which no student will study and instead walk along with others in peaceful manifestations till the system is changed. So the unity of students and our decision made the system frightened of our political awareness, and as a response, they extended our holiday to suppress us and rob our right of protesting and taking our rights back. The pressure we put on the government scares them. But here’s this, nothing can scare us, nothing can stop us. We will still do the same as we planned to, and we will never pull out.

Algerian people are suffering from poverty, austerity, lack of good living conditions, lack of women’s right, while members of the system are living in luxury. Enough of provocation, enough of stealing and robbing us, enough of corruption.

Some of the things that I am so proud of is the peacefulness between policemen and people, no violence was used since the beginning of the manifestation till now.

Another thing is that Algerians presented such a civilized image of how protesting should be, after every walk, people cleaned up the streets, gave water and sweets to EVERYONE  including policemen.

No to the fifth term, no to the mafia system, yes to freedom, yes to equality. And finally, ONE HERO “THE PEOPLE”.

Ps. it is quite difficult, to sum up all that’s happening in Algeria in a few words, but here’s a collection of pictures that shows more than what words can.