History unravels a journey of women fighting for the very essence of not being regarded as property but as humans. It has been a tumultuous battle (that still is), for the female gender. One part of it as observed in different cultures, is the art of dowry. It it at times construed (not in all cultures), that the woman is ‘bought’ using money, cattle land or some form of payment. In this context, since the woman is bought, the husband ‘owns’ her. She is regarded as the property or part of the wealth of the man. There are countless examples that display the ownership of women to men all around us. One particularly disturbing scenario is a notion by a lot of men that they own a woman’s body. There is a sense of entitlement that is exuded by this lot of men. It covers a broad spectrum. A man feels that he should dictate what a woman wears, what jewelry she should adorn, what she should weigh, what shape is appropriate for her, whether her looks are good enough or not, whether her hips are curvaceous enough, whether her breasts are big, juicy or perky enough and it goes on and on like the depth of the sea. This premise of owning a woman’s body is observed in many unpalatable situations. In some countries, catcalling is pretty common. It is often combined with insults or obscene language mentioning or describing the woman’s buttocks, breasts, vagina or how well she fits into her clothes. Some of these insults and comments can be so demeaning and disrespectful that the woman is troubled even after days or weeks. They are at times displayed in public settings and it is embarrassing and hurtful. Sometimes this kind of attitude leads to physical contact. A man can spank a woman, intentionally brush over her breasts with his hand or intentionally press his genitalia against her body like in crowded places or any other that encourage such close bodily proximity. The right that such a man feels to satisfy his sexual desires with a woman’s body, is misguided and disturbing. Such are some of the sick thoughts that have motivated much rape, defilement and sexual assault cases. When a man feels that a woman is a tool or object to satisfy his sexual needs, desires and fantasies, what is to stop him from forcing himself on her?  When a man is overwhelmed with a need for sexual release, he might feel that anyone with a vagina is ‘obligated’ to help him achieve sexual gratification whether by consent or force. When these kind of men let a woman own and be the boss of her own body, then cases of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment will go down. The notion of entitlement to a woman’s body should be erased. Let her dictate the terms of how she wants to operate her own body. She’s the one that has to carry it around anyway. Since men would ferociously oppose women dictating terms on their bodies, well, women do not like it either.