Hello, its Ayo here, I suffer from bipolar disorder, and contrary to popular belief, I do not intentionally go off my meds, become obsessed with someone and kill everybody they know and love. Shocking right?

All my life, people like me have been portrayed as insane and crazy, what we are is ill tho, the term mental illness should connote that.

It is therefore rather unfortunate that every time Hollywood is stumped on how to progress with a mystery/thriller or how to explain the motivation for several murders, the accused is suddenly schizophrenic and is suffering from bipolar disorder.

The absolute worst ones, have to be the writers of murder mysteries (books and films alike), in their quest to shock everybody and prove they are truly skilled writers end up having no plausible killer at the end, and then proceed to manufacture how as a result of a drowning accident when said manufactured killer was 9, where they lost their sister, they feel guilty and as a result dissociated from themselves to prevent them from actually having happiness, aka the people were killed because the Other couldn’t live with themselves actually being happy.

I have read this exact same story in a book, I kid you not.

I have also come across several variations over the course of my decades on earth.

But you know who I really sympathize with? People with Dissociative identity disorder, aka multiple personality disorder.

This illness basically produces a lack of connection in a person’s thoughts, memories, feelings, actions, or sense of identity.

Yes oftentimes, it can be caused by severe trauma during early childhood (usually extreme, repetitive physical, sexual, or emotional abuse)

But it’s amazing how its always taking the fall for murderous intent, even when trying to avoid culpability

“I can’t go to jail your honor, it was the other half of me that did it.. The half I was totally unaware of”

This creates a largely disparate picture of people living with mental illnesses, thereby resulting in a profiling which prevents such people from getting the help they need.

Someday I’d like to pick up a book or go see a movie that talks about the struggles of mental health, the bouts of clinical depression that leaves you unable to get out of bed, the abrupt mood swings that come with having bipolar disorder and how to navigate situations that arise, the terror that comes with being unable to account for periods of time, for someone living with multiple personality disorder.

Something  that shows our humanity, that portrays us as anything but monsters.