Joe Muchiri just done saying a female celebrity should be raped using a cactus and
boom! We have that excuse of a human being calling himself Nyakundi with that
dumbass post about Adelle.
And before that, you all remember that politician I wish to forget who called for the
raping of Charity Ngilu?
Or that meme I recently saw on Kenyan Memes’ page about “chupa moja Tu before
Brenda Azime/aende/achew” or whatever?
You know what made me angry?
People who were laughing at it. People who shared it because they found it hilarious.
Personally, I almost gagged on seeing it.
It reminded me of Brock Turner, a rapist most of us know and yes, I said a rapist.
“Men are trash”
“Not all men”
“Listen babes. It’s men who are doing this. Not women. Men.
It’s men that are making rape jokes. Not women.”
“But.. But.. I am a good man”
“Say some men”
“If you are good, don’t try to justify it to me. Instead, use your wokeness to your fellow
men on their shit.”
*Sheds real male tears*
“Oh come on!”
Seriously? Can y’all get a grip on yourselves?
It’s men who are making rape jokes. It’s men who are taking to facebook to encourage
people to rape women. It’s men who engage in rape/violence apology.
Men and some women who defending this. It’s men who are accusing us of looking for
cheap publicity when we post our #metoo stories. It’s men that call us angry black
women when we expressed our rage and yes, anger as an emotion is valid.
You know what?
Fuck y’all.
There is nothing funny about Rape. There is nothing laughable about rape. There is
nothing hilarious about.
Y’all need deliverance