To my feminist sisters,

I don’t know who needs to hear this but sis, you are awesome, you are powerful, your voice is getting louder and your actions show the deep desires of your heart. You have seen how the gatekeepers to the patriarchy farm have been having a field day putting feminists down. You have also seen how their “queens” cheer them on. Whatever joy some women get from shoving other women in the mud just for male approval beats me. However, their approval is not the battle for which feminism is fighting.

It makes them ‘kangs’ uncomfortable that you have the audacity to challenge oppressive systems and beliefs. You are ugly is a vicious statement but it is nothing that should unsettle you. Do not second guess yourself because a man and his crony of followers came to the conclusion that you are not pleasing enough in their eyes. If anything, the fact that they resort to such ad hominems is the reason why you keep speaking your truth. You realize that they cannot find anything meaningful to challenge you. There is nobody on this planet who dictates the standards of beauty. Your fight is not to look fancy enough to sit and laugh and cheer the patriarchy on. We have better things to fight off like FGM, early marriages, rape, gender based violence. LGBTQ rights, equality in employment, reproductive health rights, are among the serious things that need your energy as a feminist.

It makes them angry that you dare embrace your melanin, hair and general physical appearance. When they fail to bring you down with that, they circumnavigate back to your vagina and the things you do with it. As if they do not have theirs to do what they please with. It baffles me how people are concerned with what others do with their private parts. Everyone has theirs, the same way someone cannot tell you what to see with your eyes is the same way they should desist from speaking about what you do with your nether region. If they choose to speak about it, it is not your business to set them straight. They are opinions, and opinions like sense, everyone has theirs, except, some choose not to fully utilize them.

With that said, sister girl, do not stop speaking your truth. It may look like you are fighting a losing battle, but information travels the world so fast nowadays. You do not know who you inspire with your social media updates, the little women empowerment forums you conduct, the little words of reassurance you whisper to younger girls. You are outstanding and do not let small opinions dim your light.

PC Sangoro