We Don’t Need “Correction”

In Nigeria, homophobia is so deeply rooted in people’s hearts that people are confidently admitting to corrective rape online. Comments like the one above are an inkling to what Nigerian lesbians endure every passing day.

Not only is this man overly bitter towards lesbian women who are minding their business and living their lives, he feels like a saint bashing them while bragging about his raping escapades.

This is but one of many sanctimonious self-proclaimed lesbian “curers”. He is the posterchild of the lost souls that need more healing than any lesbian ever will.

Yet amazingly, such occurrences are nothing new in Nigeria. Lesbian women are brutalized by strangers and sadly also by family members. Some ignorant fellows sometimes discuss within the family on how they will ‘correct’ a lesbian member of the family to avoid bringing shame.

Some do it with the aim of impregnating them so that they can be publicly proven to be sleeping with a man. This matter has caused many Nigerian lesbians to live in fear of public outing in case they fall victim to such brutality.

Women across west Africa are standing by each other. Rape culture, in general, is slowly rising, gender-based violence remains a deeply rooted issue and worst of all, lesbian and non-binary women are being targeted by hateful ignorant men.

Online Activism

Nigerian Students from the University of Benin shot a viral video to create awareness. They did a striptease with the mission to let the world know that lesbian women in Nigeria are under siege. This video started a global conversation about women’s bodies and more so on the issue of correctional rape.

Who says that Lesbians need any correction, to begin with? Homophobia promotes the notion that the LGBTQ community is in need of tweaking. It simply cannot accept how other people choose to exist in their own life.

That is tragic as it is dangerous because it is emotional negativity. Too much emotional negativity unwatched coupled with ignorance and incitation spirals into inhumane acts such as corrective rape and the burning of members of the LGBTQ community.

Does the Law Allow the Brutalization of Lesbians to Continue?

Corrective rape is the result of a paternalistic mindset coupled with the fear of that which is different. With a government that considers gay and lesbian relationships punishable by law, it is not surprising that their brutalization will often be swept under the rug and forgotten.

Men like @marvel_loyal are walking the streets every day posing a danger to lesbians in Nigeria. If he has done it on two different occasions and with a group of friends, what’s to say that they won’t do it again and again.

It Is Not Safe for Lesbians and Something Needs to Be Done

It is surprising that some women think that corrective rape is acceptable. They are so blinded by homophobia and hate that they cannot see an injustice staring them in the eye. This is the depth of the war that lesbians are fighting in Nigeria.

They are not free to love who their hearts desire because society will punish them and their lover. They are not free to show their affection because they might just be gang-raped or killed. They live in fear of their very lives because some paternalistic self-righteous individuals brutalize and victimize them every other day.

There is a need for laws that protect the interests of LGBTQ members. People need to accept what they can’t change and not feel the need to force their personal opinions down these people’s throats. We cannot all be the same and love is purely love. Lesbians are not out to harm anyone and they sure as hell do not deserve the hate and anger, they are subjected to every day.