I’m convinced that the greatest setback in achieving feminism, gender equality and dignity for women the world over is women who are entirely convinced that they are inferior to men, brainwashed to believe that they are subordinates and subservient human beings.

And I don’t want to victim blame anyone but most times these women are exposed, educated and ought to know better.

Martha Mwatha (a friend) asked me once why most Pickme women in my circle are lawyers.

See the point? Educated women. Exposed women. Ought to know better women. Women – Suffering from deep internalized misogyny. Internalized misogyny is when you enact sexist actions on yourself and other women. Internalized misogyny is when men (oppressors) have taken a back seat on their oppression but you are still begging them to oppress you. Internalized misogyny is “I believe men should be babied.” Internalized misogyny is “I am not like other girls.” Internalized misogyny is “Men prefer women who are quiet, meek, submissive etc.” Internalized misogyny is low self esteem projected on other women. Internalized misogyny is hate, jealousy and feeling some type of way whenever you see other women prospering. Internalized misogyny is “Female politicians are only selling beauty but no brains.” Internalized misogyny is trying to convince every man and woman in your vicinity that you are a Proverbs 31 woman. Internalized misogyny is self-hate that you project on other women. Internalized misogyny is “be his peace. Wash him, cook for him, clean his underwear, baby him, die for him (?) at the expense of your own peace, health, finances and general well-being. Internalized misogyny is constantly putting other women down because you feel threatened. Internalized misogyny is never supporting the work of other women, politically or economically.


Internalized misogyny is “She slept her way to the top” even though you know well that that sister worked her ass off to get to the top. Internalized misogyny is slut shaming women’s decisions to have sex. Internalized misogyny is years of toxic religious teachings.

You need to heal. It’s a whole journey that requires deep introspection, spirituality, a higher healing and a decision to do better for yourself and other women.

But if you don’t want to heal then please stop preaching this nonsense to other women. If you are in love with your oppression and your oppressors please adapt to your situation accordingly.

The rest of us are on a journey seeking dignity,human rights and a better world for the women who will come after us.

The rest of us are good luv, enjoy.