“False rape accusers are already Committing the crime of Perjury or Defamation. So when rape cases are Mentioned, if your instant response is to start talking about how false rape accusations ruin lives and the accusers should get the same jail sentence as the rapist would, you’re stupid and I’m here to tell you”

False Rape Allegations= Perjury/Defamation.

Perjury (the intentional act of swearing a false oath or falsifying an affirmation to tell the truth, whether spoken or in writing, concerning matters material to an official proceeding) is a criminal offense punishable by 14 years imprisonment in Nigeria.

Defamation (the communication of a false statement that harms the reputation of an individual) is punishable by up to 2 years imprisonment in Nigeria.

False accusations are falsified testimony, and if a falsified report is submitted to the police for investigation, it is automatically Perjury, and if it’s not an official statement, if it was just on the ‘streets of twitter’ it doesn’t matter. Either way it’s an offense.

So it’s very silly for anyone to say, ‘false accusers should get jail time too’, because its obvious you didn’t do any research and the only reason you’re bringing up false accusations, is because you don’t care about rape, the victims and the effects of the rape.

And it is very telling that the first thing that occurs to you when a rape accusation is made, is to talk about false accusers.

False accusations make up less than 2% of all reported cases.

This means if there are a hundred reported rape cases, then 2 out of them are technically false. But does that mean they lied though?

Most of this 2% is from cases that can’t be proven, or cases that were withdrawn. But we should all know that doesn’t equal false.

A man is more likely to be raped by another man, before he’s falsely accused of rape. But somehow this fact doesn’t come under your radar when debating rape, its always about the lives of people that have been destroyed by rape allegations.


Cristiano Ronaldo was accused of rape last year, this are his own words in an interview with his own lawyers in 2009.’

“She said she didn’t want to, but she made herself available” “But she kept saying ‘no’ ‘don’t do it’ ‘I’m not like the others’

” She complained that I forced her”

Read more here. 

Although she came out last year, he still has all his endorsements, he is still celebrated. Recently he turned 34 and there has been nothing but love and support of him, tell me again how rape accusations, destroy lives? When real life rape cases are ignored ?

R Kelly has been called a rapist, a child molester and an abuser for as long as I can remember. It was so bad that jokes were being made about hiding your daughters that were underage from him.

Until the Lifetime series Surviving R Kelly which premiered on the 3rd of January, his manager and team still stayed with him. Now because of backlash, they’ve dropped him, but all his songs are still available for purchase and download on all major streaming sites. So please, tell me again how bad false rape allegations are when real rape cases get ignored ?

People go on and on about how false rape allegations need to be taken more seriously, and that’s hilarious in a country that doesn’t take actual rape cases serious.

Marital rape is still not an offense in Nigeria, and from independence to 2015 there had only been a total of 18 rape convictions in Nigeria.

Does your country take rape serious that it’d take false accusations serious?

Regardless false rape allegations are terrible, because its already an uphill battle convincing misogynistic Nigerians of rape, the few false allegations entirely cloud their minds reducing them to vicious vultures.

False rape allegations are already an offense, it could be Perjury or Defamation, penalty for which is prescribed in the Criminal Code.